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  • New York City
    New York City

    From the 80th Floor of the Freedom Tower, The Top of the World, May 2017

  • Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon, USA, December 2020

  • Masada

    Sunrise at Masada, March 2019

  • Kibbutz Tzuba
    Kibbutz Tzuba

    Tzuba, Jeruslaem, Israel, March 2019

  • Sedona, Arizona
    Sedona, Arizona

    A glimpse of the history of rocks... Sedona, Arizona, December 2020

  • Marbella, Spain
    Marbella, Spain

    Forum for the Future with Joomla!  Sunset.  January 2020

  • Rome, Italy
    Rome, Italy

    On a break during the Joomla World Conference, Rome, Italy November 2017

  • Maverick Roller Coaster
    Maverick Roller Coaster

    Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, Maverick Roller Coaster, June 2021

  • Cream Ridge Farms, NJ
    Cream Ridge Farms, NJ

    Yes there are Tulips in New Jersey!  April 2022

  • Tel Aviv
    Tel Aviv

    Sunset at the beach, Tel Aviv, Israel, March 2019

  • Ocean City, NJ
    Ocean City, NJ

    Sunrise from the Jersey Shore, April 2022

  • Copenhagen Stork Fountain
    Copenhagen Stork Fountain

    Copenhagen, Denmark, Stork Fountain on Amagertov, May 2019

  • Central Park, NYC
    Central Park, NYC

    A stroll in THE park, Central Park, NYC, May 2019

People of Laura's caliber are very hard to find

Great website design requires a balanced knowledge of both Form and Function. Thanks to Laura, among other improvements I now have forms that function!! She took a very bad situation and turned it into the best thing to ever happen to my business site.

People of Laura's caliber are very hard to find. I highly recommend her and her company Rytech Sites to anyone looking to create a professional website for their business.

- Kevin Finn CAPS Owner, ACCESSIBLE ANSWERS LLC. The Independent-Living Specialists

She assumed leadership from the early beginning of the group

I've know Laura for quite a few years through the NY Joomla User Group, where she assumed leadership from the early beginning of the group. She has made many informative presentations relevant to Joomla, and has shown the group some incredible, inspiring web sites she has created for her clients. Laura has also served the difficult task of being the groups president. She is tactful, yet persuasive, and has managed to lead the group from chaos to an efficient and organized state. She has also done fantastic work organizing JoomlaDay, our big annual event where we present a full day of seminars to about 150 people from all over the region. It is through Laura's organizing and delegating skills that the first event was such a success. It has served as a model for each of the following events. I recommend Laura highly for website projects, as well as for any other type of project or organizational endeavor. She has what it takes to get the job done, and done weil. - Mark Simko Website & Mobile Websites, Web Presence Mgmt, Local Search Opt, SEO, SEM PPC mgmt, EHR Systems, Computer Network

Words can not describe the quality of work that Laura has completed for us

Words can not describe the quality of work that Laura has completed for us. we are a serial acquirer of Aerospace companies and are always revamping acquisition web sites. Laura is a great listener, has good marketing savy, and follow through with excellent technical skills. By far, Laura is the best we have used for our web design effort and I highly recommend her. - Bryce Wiedeman, President of Airborne Systems North America

Willing to take chances to do new things

Laura did a terrific job in working with us to redo our website. She keeps it current and is willing to take chances to do new things, too. She's great! Bennett Miller Senior Rabbi, Anshe Emeth Memorial Tremple and Chair of ARZA

knowledgeable and professional web developer specializing in Joomla CMS

Laura is a knowledgeable and professional web developer specializing in Joomla CMS. Respected among her peers,she often acts as mentor, and her friendly and outgoing personality makes it easy to approach her. She eagerly and enthusiastically shares her expertise and experiences with Joomla core and its extensions with her colleagues. Laura has strong organization and leadership skills as demonstrated by the successful management of monthly JoomlaNYC User Group meetings and several JoomlaDayNYC events. Whether looking for a web developer for your own website, or are a developer who needs some help with a website, choosing Laura would be a wise decision. Ellen Rothwax, web developer

Inventive and organized

Laura is creative, inventive and organized. She stays on top of a project from start to finish. It is with great pleasure I recommend Laura for your website design. - Stuart Kohn

Instrumental in conceptualizing our website

Laura has been instrumental in conceptualizing our synagogue's website, and in designing a number of other media for our organization. She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. Her work turns out beautifully. We are very pleased to be able to work with her. - Rabbi Rebecca Epstein Rabbi Educator at Congregation Beth Israel

Laura helped us navigate through the process

I met Laura at the 2010 NYC Joomla! Day NYC workshop. At the time, my associate Sue Gubing and I had decided to build a web-based educational activity for a client using Joomla. It was all new to us and Laura enthusiastically helped us navigate through possible extensions and plugins that might allow us to achieve the results we were looking for. We had the pleasure of meeting up with her again at later JUG meetings and workshops. I found her to be very savvy in web development and generous with the time she devotes to supporting Joomla's open source community. She gets two thumbs for her energy, perseverance, and willingness to share her know-how with others. - Maggie Kalas

Great at managing the project

Gary Mort, Web Engineer/Designer at Freelance PHP developer
Laura is great at managing the project so I can concentrate on coding, as well as dealing with a good bit of code/design herself.

Effective Administrator

Laura is both an effective administrator and a wonderful person to work with. There aren't too many people who you can say that about.

- Steve Jaffe FX Pricing and Risk Developer at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Laura is an outstanding motivator

Laura is an outstanding motivator, dynamic speaker, group leader for non profit organizations in New Brunswick. She combines her business expertise in web design, computer training and marketing techniques to stimulate membership growth and participation. Howard Rossman

Within an incredibly short time we were up and running

The Jewish Social Service Committee of New Brunswick is an all volunteer social service organization in its one hundredth year of operation. About a year and a half ago I was given the job to bring our organization into the 21st century. We did not have a web site, we did not have a way for people to make donations on line, we did not have a viable way to get our story out to the public or to potential donors.

Luckily, I knew of the work Laura Gordon of Rytech did for other organizations. I contacted Laura and within an incredibly short time we were up and running. Not only did we have a web site – we had a world class site. Our one hundred year history was there for all to read. I could post case histories, direct donations, receive payments, receive e-mails. Thanks to Laura we were now not only one hundred years old, but we were contemporary as well.

But that was not all. Being that I am far from a “computer person”, Laura is always there to help. She worked with me through the start up phase, directed me just enough, and gave me the confidence to work and update the site on my own. A year and a half later, when I have the occasional question usually because I forget what she told me the last time), Laura is always there to help.

Our donations have increased, folks in the community comment on our web site, and we are a proud group of volunteers. Laura Gordon was and remains one of the reasons why we enter our second hundred years on a positive note.

Lee Livingston, Treasurer, Jewish Social Service Committee of New Brunswick and Highland Park, Inc.

Allows me to focus on my business

“Working with Laura allows me to focus on my business, while she updates my Joomla website to be compatible with current releases of software. Along the way, she has made valuable suggestions about streamlining the site’s presentation and organization, along with recommending a better hosting platform that has made my site faster, so visitors can find information quicker. I trust Laura to know all the intricacies of behind-the-scenes website details, and I continue to go back to her to keep fresh.”

Laura was calm and reassuring

The Plainview Old Bethpage Library recently upgraded our website to Joomla 3.4 from an older version of the software. When we decided to upgrade, I had just taken over management of the website, and wasn't very familiar with Joomla. Laura was calm and reassuring, and I felt comfortable going into unchartered territory. Laura spent hours with me going over every page of the website to make sure everything was brought over to the staging site correctly. When something had to be corrected or changed on the new site,  Laura walked me through it so I could do it in the future, rather than take the easy route and do it herself. The update went very smoothly, with no down time or glitches for our patrons. Now, when I have a question, Laura gets back to me quickly, and is always willingly to make any adjustments I or anyone in our library asks for. Laura's work is creative and professional, and our website is modern, attractive, and easy to navigate.

Laura saved the day!

Laura Gordon saved the day! She did what 2 previous web companies failed to do, deliver a completed a timely way, guided by attention to detail and promises kept, my company's functioning website
Thank you Laura
Barry Berkowitz, Pres
A Sprunky