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Writopeia came to RytechSites with a very old version of Joomla.  In fact they were initially running on Joomla 3.48 and php 5.6.  It took about a year to go step by step and upgrade their site and their php servers to something current.  While going through this migration we decided to change their completely customized template to a yootheme template.  This way one we were ready to move to Joomla 4 it wouldn't be as difficult of a jump.  We were able to take all of their customized looks, css and successfully bring them over to yootheme.  We also were able to do this with minimum downtime on their live site, which is updated frequently.  Their site could not afford to be down at all.  Each step of the process was done on a backup site, so when we knew were were 100% ready to move we were able to do so in a matter of days instead of months.


Live Site