Running a company...I think the company runs me...

I am an ‘Engineer who is running a company (although sometimes I think the company runs me)’.  I met Laura at a Joomla NYC conference in the late fall of 2009. She made me quickly and professionally know that my concerns, processes and mental roadblocks were all very normal, easily worked through and that she did a lot of the creative cooking. I knew we needed a website that appeals to our target audience of IT clients and job seekers but the task of creating one was daunting as I have limited time and no creative processes. I had interviewed several individuals and reviewed portfolios but never felt a sense that they could capture the simplicity, beauty and functionality that would appeal to me the person who has to look (and pay for) the site.


I love our website, our clients love our website- it works with our backend, it is beautiful (in the eyes of the beholder), it was very affordable and I had fun creating it with Laura.

She is a professional – creative, patient, very good at her job! She went the extra mile (or two) to help me transfer a vague image of what I wanted into the reality of what we have.